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How to Set up alarm 1

  • Press (AL1) Button behind the clock.  The LED will display 7:00. Quickly press and hold the same button (AL1).
  • Press (>>) to change hours.  If you want PM hours keep pressing the (>>) until the PM shows next to the hour you which to set.  When done press (A1L)
  • Press (>>) to change minutes.  When done press (A1L)
  • You will see on your LED one of the following choices, (1-5) for Monday to Friday, (1-7) Whole Week, (6-7) Saturday & Sunday, (1-1) for One day of the week. Press (>>) to make your choice.  When done press (A1L)
  • You will see on your LED (bu) for beep alarm. If you wish to change to music when your alarm goes off press (>>) and which ever station you listen last will be display.  When done press (A1L) and your alarm is now set

How to Set up alarm 2

  • Follow steps for alarm 1 but pressing (A2L)

How to turn off alarm(s)

  • Press the power button to turn off.  If power button is not press while alarm is going off it will beep for 30 minutes and stops automatically.